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About the Blog


When people think of getting healthier, they automatically jump to running or eating less. Through this blog, I will explore alternative types of wellness. The plan is to educate readers about unique exercises, diets/food options, and balance of the mind. Before you lead a successful life, you need to have confidence in yourself (physically and mentally). I want my blog to inspire people to gain a solid foundation so they can go out and live a fulfilling life.


Remember: being healthy isn’t all about having the best bikini bod. Think about it. You can’t be successful and happy throughout the day with being mentally stable. The mind category of TTW will focus on stabilizing mental health through meditation, improving relationships and whatever other topics pop up in my brain.


As we’ve been hearing since our formative years, staying active is necessary to lead a healthy life. We all want to look good. However, exercise not only helps you fit into that awesome dress, but can, among other benefits, lift depression, improve learning, and build self-esteem. The body section of Triple Threat Wellness will give you creative exercise idea to explore.


I’m stretching the purpose of the soul section of this blog just a pinch. Diet is a vital component of wellness. Therefore, I’m giving “soul food” a new meaning. I’m going to cook up some different nutritional information and recipes for you with a lot of help from my favorite cooking site.

Having this balance will transform you into a Triple Threat. 


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